Since its launch on the market by our historical partner swissQprint in 2014, Printed Optics has seduced more than 300 printers around the globe. It was rewarded by the European Digital Press Award in 2014 for the Best Digital Special Effect.

New printer manufacturers such as AGFA Graphics and Stratojet USA launched their own solution in 2016.

Printed Optics is branded under different names such as Droptix (sQp), 3D L.T. (AGFA), ZDeph (StratoJet). 

3D moiré is the first accessible effect. It is a perfect tool for brands to stand out from competitors on point of sales displays. Applications are numerous: shop windows, displays, corners, objects, tiles...


Any transparent substrate can be pimped with 3D floating effects.

Advantages compared to classical lenticular printing are numerous: price, 3D only where wanted (texts and logos can be printed in HD with no lens), eye catching, no pitch calculation, mechanical registration...


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