Popims Interlacer

Dear licensee,

Welcome to Popims Lensprinter Interlacer Software. Our enhanced lenticular printing solution that will allow you to print marvelous 3D effects thanks to a simple to use technology.

Advantages of the Printed Optics solutions are numerous. Both on the Software side and on the printing technology.

Printing technology:

Printing lenses represents numerous advantages listed below:

  • No more expensive lenticular substrate.
    Printing lenses allow you to print on almost any kind of transparent substrate. This mean you can use cheap PE, PET, PMMA, Acrylic… even glass!

  • Selective printing.
    You can have only a part of your image in 3D and keep the rest of your print in High Definition. It allows you to print small texts or to keep the object of your advertising in HD.

  • No more Pitch calculation.
    You now print the lens and the image using the same press. The mechanical pitch associated to calendared lens doesn’t exist anymore. The optical pitch linked to the viewing distance and the thickness of your media is calculated automatically by our Software. No more heavy calculation and adaptation to a plastic lens.

  • No more complicated registration.
    The registration is now mechanical. You only have to register you recto verso print by using the same side of your substrate.

  • A bigger range of accessible 3D.
    We have designed for you lenses that combine a fast printing time, a small quantity of varnish and a very big accessible 3D. You can have for example a 30 LPI focusing on a 5mm substrate… No pre-calendared lens can each this depth of 3D and number of LPI. It gives you the best accessible quality print on the market.


Popims Interlacer:

This new Software has been computed from the start to give you an intuitive path from the image delivery of the agency to print.

Advantages are numérous:

  • You can easily give depth to a photoshop image with layers.

  • You can save the animation as a *.gif file and share it with customers by email.

  • You can save  the project as a Popims file to work on it later.

  • You can create gost layers that will appear only on a part of the animation.

  • You can create a PDF file ready to print and already compressed for an easy RIP process.

  • You only have to choose the lens used and the viewing distance so that the pitch is automatically calculated.


It is simply the most simple and powerful tool on the market !


Please watch the demo below:

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