Simplifying the processes is Popims LensPrinter ultimate goal. Getting rid of the lenticular substrate and all the complex processes linked is the first achieved goal. Our technology makes lenticular substrate, pitch calculation and optical alignment part of history.


Our software follows the same rule, offering an easy to use and powerful solution.

It is embedded with specific digital printers and combined with explicit printing modes directly on the press. They allow the converter to create 3D effects by its own on standard transparent substrates.

Software are sold within global licenses including software and patents rights on top.

The license to be paid yearly or in LifeTime includes maintenance and upgrades.




Popims 3Design Dual Interlacer


PC software released by Popims LensPrinter in 2019.

It is designed for converters to easily convert a photoshop file with layers into a 3D image. 

The created images are to be combined with cylindrical lenses or spherical lenses printed using specific varnish printing modes. The piece of Software creates the coded image and the lens to be printed.


Thanks to a powerful algorythme and an easy workflow creating a 3D image has never been so simple.



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