3D printing and dynamic images are perfect tools for brands and marketing.
They increase visibility, help the understanding and finally boost sales. Many studies have proven theses aspects while observing lenticular printing applied to advertising or packaging. Sales increased by 12%, customers visits increased by 34%...

Based on these observations, Popims LensPrinter experts worked hard in order to print optical 3D effects directly on regular plastic… and succeeded!! Simulating lenticular substrates by printing lenses using varnish was starting to offer new possibilities to printers.

From 2014, Software solutions based on Popims technology and global know-how, such as Popims 3Design Elements and Droptix created the market but were limited to spherical lens, making it frustrating for end customers.

Therefore, based on this first success, Popims developed the most powerful and simple to use solution on the market: Popims Dual Interlacer

  • Offering both cylindrical and spherical lens effects

  • Working fast at the maximum mechanical definition of all kind of press

  • Delivering highest quality images in highly compressed PDF

  • With a simple workflow and handy groupware options

Starting in 2014 with swissQprint, certifications have, since then, been delivered by Popims LensPrinter to the most respected high-end UV Inkjet printer manufacturers on the market such as AGFA and CANON.

Popims Dual Interlacer, the most powerful and complete solution on the market, works at your press maximum definition and brings your flatbed printer at its maximum level. It boosts many markets like Art, Signs, Point Of Sale, billboard, as well as many other niche markets… Any kind of transparent material can be pimped with lenses to reveal integral or translated 3D, color changes, 3D Moiré, ghost animations…

All flatbed printers from AGFA, CANON and swissQprint are certified offering tremendous possibilities to printers worldwide. Our teams still develop new lenses and technology, certify new press, new printer manufacturers and distribute technology licenses comprising patents rights and Software.

Unwise other solutions such as Droptix, Popims Dual Interlacer is the only solution able to print cylindrical and spherical lenses offering the widest panel of reachable effects on the market.



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